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Property & Home Services

Moving home or business? Perhaps you need help finding your perfect home and location, setting up viewings or relocation logistics.


Household Assistance required? Do you need help with various household projects from overseeing a large projects such as construction or redecoration to ensuring your home, wardrobe, indeed your fridge is looking perfect and well stocked for your return...


  • Household Administration

  • Wardrobe Organisation Service

  • Various Trade & Support Services

  • Declutter & Organisation Services


...we can assist with a variety of household and property tasks.


Our fantastic connections with property experts will enable us to seek out your dream home:  whether you're looking for an an investment, or for a primary or alternative residence. We can also source temporary accommodation whilst we search and once we've found your ideal property, we will also help you establish a local network.


Our bespoke home management service is dedicated to the protection and care of your properties.  Services include: organising bills and paperwork,keeping correspondence up to date, overseeing home refurbishment, recruiting, instructing and liaising with staff,

co-ordinating decorators and tradesmen, arranging personal appointments, shopping - from shoes to gifts to groceries, research and purchasing furniture and

appliances on your behalf.



Home Sweet Home

We also provide a 'Home Sweet Home' service which includes

arranging pet care, cleaners, flowers and preparing for your return.

We can even get those little maintenance jobs taken care of whilst you travel carefree.



Call or email us for further details  +44 (0) 7773 323211  /  [email protected]

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